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Artists and artisans — including some of the best wildlife artists and craftpersons in North America — will be coming from 13 states and Canada to exhibit and sell their unique and original work.

In addition to arts like painting, photography, and illustration, you will see crafts including pottery, woodworking, fine glass work, woodcarving, leathercarving, sheepskin, wheatweaving, metalworking and more!

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Festival Exhibitors

Following are the talented artists and artisans coming and exhibit their work at the 2018 Audubon Art & Craft Festival. We’ll be adding more artists and artisans to the list as they are confirmed.

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First NameLast NameArt or Craft (Medium)
A. Abiya Primitive Arts
Buffy Albright Paper/ Quilling
Dick Allyn Nature photographs
Roger Altemier Game Boards
Susan Armusik Oil painting
Jocelyn Beatty Painting
Roger Bell Maple Syrup
Nurit Bland handbags
Zachary Bloom Jewelry
Rip Bodman Serigraphy
Terry Boyer Botanicals
Patty Brown woodturning
Vince Burke Photography
Sandy Calderone Jewelry and Accessories
Tim & Sharon Carey Childrens Books
Greg Carrier Walking Canes
Deborah Carter Fabric
Dennis Christie Glass
Mary Comba Stained Glass
Adina/Lauren Corasaniti/Binder beaded jewelry
David Czapnik woodturning
Guy D'Alessandro Paintings
Margaret DeCook Fabric Bowels
Barbara DeMauro jewelry
Connie DiMarco Shell Art
Michele Dixon Wood Birds
Andrew Dreibelbis Photography
Jill Elizabeth Jewelry
Dee Elkins Gourmet Foods
Jose Farinango Native Jewelry
Monika Figueroa Button Jewelry
Susan Gambler ceramics
Laurie Gesualdo Fabric
Scott Gold II Wood bowels
Sandra Goldfarb Jewelry
Kathryn Gregory Jewelry
Peter Grimord Pen and Ink
Tom Guadagno Organic Farming
Michelle Harps Soaps
Jean Hockenberry quilts
Linda Hunt Jellyfish
Kathy Jeffers Pottery & glass
Linda Jobmann Handknitting
Lois Jones painted clothing
Sarah Kaizar Pen & Ink Stationary
Patricia Kirschbaum painting
Nancy Klapatch Fused Glass
Robert Koller Wooden Pens
Petra Kues soaps
Catherine Lanart Alpaca
Yan Yan Liang Flower Jewelry
Stephanie Marquette jewelry
Stephanie Milewski Concrete Thinking
Joan Miller Jewelry
Robin Miller Beadwork
Jamie Miller Dog Treats
David Muratore hanging pot planters
Ron Orlando Artist
Chris & Joe Pagano painting
Kathleen Pereles Puppets
Rose Pronel Crotchet
Roxanne Puchalski Decorative Painting
Gerald Putt wildlife art
Betsy Robinson crocheting
Timothy Robson Pet Bakery
Edna Rothenberg Photography
James Samanen Photographer
Rosemary Scarlett Dried Flowers
Angela Serricca Jewelry
Ronald Shenanski Maple Syrup
Jeff Sherman Lampwork Glass
Walter Shipley Scrollsaw Work
Shedrick Sloane Photography
Karen Somers Gourds
Tina Traver Leather
Eileen U'Glay Greeting Cards
Patti Umlauf Polymer birds
Robert Werner Intarsia
Anita West Watercolors
John Williams Turned Wood
Kelly Ziegler Bead Weaving